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Don't be a stranger. 

I love connecting with people.

It is my most favourite feeling in the world.


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This will be a little bit about me, but more about YOU.


Because the truth about me is that I LOVE to guide people (you!) through MOVEMENT.  

I am what they call a "multi-passionate entrepreneur". After years of trying to fit into a corporate box, I made a promise to myself to build a life full of doing what I love.  Through all of my journey's ranging from Dancer, Dance Teacher, Marketing Director, Coach,  Yogi, Barre Tender, and Choreographer, one common theme always runs through what I do...movement.

Whether it's moving your body, moving closer to your goals, or moving your life into balance- I want to be a part of it!

I love to see people radiate with confidence and authenticity. It's amazing to watch how connecting with your body allows you tap into the energy and power you need to create incredible things in your life. Sound cheesy? It's not. I get to see it Every. Single. Day. 

That’s why for over 12 years, my mission has been to create safe spaces where people can find their own strengths, push past limiting beliefs and become the best versions of themselves. I have worked with thousands of dancers and "non-dancers" with one intention- 

May every single person leave with a massive smile on their face, feeling strong and powerful, knowing that they are one step closer to becoming their ideal self.

I don't care if you have never danced, stretched, or lunged in your life. All I ask you to do is whole-heartledly show up and be open to all of the awesomeness that starts to flood in. 

Curious about how to move forward mentally as well as physically? Check out Lauren's Lifestyle & Livelihood coaching practice.