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Lauren Ritchie, M.ed., B.A. ESFCC

You are unique, and if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost. - Martha Graham

"I, I'm a dancer! That's who I am...what I do...ah!" - truer words have never been spoken, thanks A Chorus Line!

But in all seriousness, Dance has, and continues to be the most powerful and transformative piece of my life. I was the 3 year old who was stretching in the Seniors dance class, obliviously convinced that I could do whatever they were doing. That drive and relentless pursuit to be better stayed with me as I competed, auditioned and performed into adulthood. 

I had the privilege of working as a professional dancer in my twenties, but the real honour for me was becoming a Dance Educator to the next generation of Artists. I love sharing the gift of dance and all of the amazing things that happen when we connect our physical movement with story telling and our deepest emotions. Love. Freedom. Joy. Pain. Silliness. Dance allows us to experience and purge it all through movement with music. 

There is truly nothing like dance (ask any ex-dancer and they will tell you the same! They have probably spent years looking for something to fill the void that used to be overflowing with joy and endorphins).  My journey has been a process of exploring how I want Dance to be present in my life, but what I do know for certain is that where there are Dancers, there is a magical, creative brilliance pouring into our world. 


Lauren's Professional Bio:

Lauren Ritchie has been studying, researching, and educating dancers on the physical, emotional and mental intricacies of dance. Lauren has made it her life’s work to support dancers to be their best – mind, body and spirit. Recognizing the lack of mental skills training in dance, Lauren has created programs and exercises dedicated to educating and empowering dancers mental health and fitness to optimize their training. From her MEd in Coaching Studies to a BA in Professional Communications, to multiple Yoga certifications and an accredited Art & Science of Coaching Certification, Lauren has a unique blend of education and resources that offer a holistic training approach for dancers.

Lauren has firsthand knowledge of the attributes required to achieve and sustain peak performance. She was a highly competitive and decorated dancer having classically trained in ballet, jazz, tap and lyrical. After completing her A.R.A.D, Lauren knew she “wanted to dance” but had little guidance and awareness of the true process of transitioning into a professional dance career. This is why Lauren has created and hosts The Dance Podcast; an invaluable resource dedicated to inspire and educate dancers, teachers, and parents through candid conversations with industry professionals. 

Lauren is an established facilitator and speaker, delivering workshops to prestigious schools and training programs like the Alberta Ballet School and Harbour Dance Centre. She is the co-founder of the Dance Teacher reTREAT AND has also facilitated and contributed to the DTRC’s on the Move workshops speaking to aspiring dancers in Calgary.  Her career achievements had also been recognized as she was a recipient of the Edmontonian’s Top 20 under 30.

Lauren’s engaging and encouraging teaching style has inspired dance teachers and students across the country to use dance as a practice of high-performance living and an exploration of their unique self.