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Lifestyle & Livelihood Coaching

livelihood |ˈlīvlēˌho͝od| : securing the necessities of life. 

It may involve money and career- but it is also about the necessities that feed your soul; the thoughts, people and behaviours that make you a brighter, shinier version of yourself.

lifestyle |ˈlīfˌstīl|  :  the way in which a person lives.

Your habits, choices, and thought patterns that dictate your days. Sometimes they are incredibly helpful- other times they hold you back and sabotage us from reaching your deepest desires.


and I promise you do not have to live it feeling like a hamster on a wheel-  disconnected, disillusioned or feeling "off". (I have been all 3 many times over and the worst is when they all pile on at the same time). 

There is something within you that knows there is a better, more authentic way of living. It comes in a whisper and stirs your soul. It's a quiet voice but a deep rooted knowing that feeling good is possible. The tricky thing about the whisper is- if you don't listen to it, it just gets louder, stronger and pushier until you show up and take action! 

Sounds familiar? 


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